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Morning Glory

There is nothing like an empty hotel gym at 5am. You can struggle. You can flatulate with impunity while your guts undulate like a bridge about to flip while on the treadmill. You can do low weight high reps on the dumbbells without 'bro do you even lift' condescension.

No matter what you want to improve, no matter how much of a novitiate you think you are, there is always a way to improve yourself in a manner which will not draw attention to yourself and your perceived shortcomings until your impostor syndrome has lessened.

Or dive right in and face it.

1 thought on “Morning Glory

  1. H Carvey

    "...flatulate with impunity..." <-- I rock that party by running outside, but I get your point.

    As to condescension...I don't go to the gym at a hotel to bother people, and I have a pretty good means to let someone know that I'm not going to put up with the "bro, do you even lift" BS. I've had it happen before, and all I can say is "carborundum non illegitimus est"...don't let the bastards grind you down.

    Dive in, and face it. It's the only way through it. Seek out and surround yourself with those who encourage you, but know that once you step out there, there WILL be those a**hats who will have something to negative to say about you. What they don't understand is that true power isn't about how high you can stand on the backs of others, but how high you can lift just one person.


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