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Odds are, you found this blog from twitter. I am @infosec_samurai. I've been doing Infosec for businesses of all sizes for over a decade. I'm an institutional defender based in the upper midwest, in a quiet area relative to most large metropolises. I've found in Infosec that trust, personal codes of conduct, the burden of performance, and how we interact as users are not given the focus they should have, especially compared to their impact on security and culture. I am a generalist who has engaged in a variety of things blue team, while working to assist crafting sensible policy, and educating users. I believe everyone should have a personal code of conduct. I believe cooks should try making french toast with different kinds of bread. I believe everyone should read at least one book a month. And I believe I can make Infosec, explicitly other institutional defenders better, and thus all of us better.